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Thanks for your purchase of Kidz Puzzle Books!
It's a great product and I am sure you will find alot of value in it.

There is one more complementary offer I'd like to tell you about.
This is optional. Your purchase already has everything you need to get started.

This offer is to help you get going even faster!

The most popular typesof puzzle is the word search.
In my last product my customers created over 33,000 of them!

But to protect everyone from any duplicate content
I made it a requirement that people had to upload their own sets of words.

This became a hassle for many people.
They understood it was necessary but begged me to find a work around.

Luckily I did work out a method in time for Kidz Puzzle Books.

100 preloaded word search puzzles directly into your account!
Huge timesaver!

I am offering this Done For You option to have your account pre-loaded
with 100 word search puzzles ready to go.
This will save you quite a bit of time that it takes to assemble sets of words on your own,

The word search puzzles will be available in your account
You receive 50 wordsearch 8x8 size, and 50 wordsearch 10x10 size

Note: These word search puzzles are not themed.
They consist of kid-friendly random words.
The puzzle names are simply 'Assorted Words"

Make your purchase decision wisely!
There is no promise, guarantee, or representation
that you will make any money, or not lose money,
as a result of using Kidz Puzzle Books

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